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  • Dentists who use SNAP routinely earn back their investment within the first 4 patients that see it in action
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  • SNAP is designed for dentists, not computer nerds. Using the software to earn more money is easier than sending email
  • 75% of patients that rejected cosmetic procedures said "Yes" when they saw the results in SNAP

Take advantage of our live hands-on-demo where you can use SNAP before you buy it. When you call us today, you can see for yourself just how easy SNAP is to use. Once you how easy and fast it is to get great results you can really see, you'll understand why your patients are 75% more likely to schedule a cosmetic procedure THAT DAY.

  • Our SNAP system completely paid for itself in it's first few days of use. So far, SNAP has been directly responsible for us landing at least $25,000 worth of extra procedures. 
    It is very fast, and very easy to use. About 75% of patients that initially rejected a recommended cosmetic procedure, approved it after they saw the SNAP after photos of themselves.

    Dr. David N. Abramowitz, DMD, Amityville, NY

  • SNAP imaging far more than paid for itself within the first month of utilization. With SNAP, we immediately saw a dramatic increase in patient acceptance of restorative and cosmetic dentistry. SNAP has influenced decisions on tens of thousands of dollars in full mouth restorations and cosmetic dentistry. We have tried several other products that are designed for the same purpose, but frankly none compare to the great job in providing the tools and ease of use found in SNAP.

    Dr. Jacquelyn A. Stanfield, DDS Flower Mound, TX

  • During the implementation of my dental imaging courses, I've used almost every dental imaging system currently available. 
    SNAP definitely has the easiest learning curve, automatically guided by on-line help systems, including it's unique Video Help. With SNAP, dentists can devote more time to practicing dentistry and still improve their bottom line.

    Dr. Justin Lee Altschuler, DMD, FICD, Clinical Professor, Boston, MA

  • I couldn't be happier with SNAP Dental Imaging. The first day we received it, our monthly production went up $20,000. The first patient I used it on was a patient who had been saving up to be able to have his cosmetic dental makeover done within a year. After showing him what his "after" was going to look like, we began his ten porcelain veneers/crowns the next week.

    Dr.Raymond Frye, DMD, Celebrity makeover dentist, Portland, OR

  • SNAP is the best marketing tool I have ever used in my 30+ years of practicing dentistry. It paid for itself almost immediately. Patients love immediately seeing a Before & After photo to take home to show their family and friends. SNAP provides free updates and toll-free tech support. Their tech support tries very hard to solve any problems. Including online training for new employees, or anyone else who has questions. SNAP’s people are a pleasure to work with.

    Dr. Jorge Montane DDS, Fremont, CA

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